Jonecca San Pascual

Success Coach | Inspirational Speaker | NLP Practitioner

About Me

      Hi, I’m Jonecca and I’m a firm believer that success starts with the mind. I’m an entrepreneur, a marketing strategist, a success coach,


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How Can I Help You?

From coaching to training to public speaking and many other things... Check out the list on what I can offer you today.

One-On-One Success Coaching

  We all know that obtaining success is never easy. Some may have succeeded in attaining the results they desire, however, they still find themselves

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Communication & Personal Mastery Training

  Achieving success could be like piecing a puzzle together. Without all the essential pieces, the puzzle wouldn’t be complete. As for success, it wouldn’t

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30-Day Success Transformation Online Masterclass

  How would you like to tap into the secrets of highly successful people?       “Uncover The Secret Success Formula Used By The

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Recommended Success Books

Do you know that it’s not the intelligence but it’s the learning strategy that makes one successful? Neurons, don’t reproduce after birth but all the

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Home Study & Online Courses

These online and home study courses will allow you to study and learn from the comfort of your own home. Within just a few minutes,

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Public Speaking Events

Join me in my public events and be updated with all my success seminars locally and globally.  

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Success is a journey not a destination. Why? It is in the journey that you will meet lots of fantastic people, it is in the journey that you will learn and gain a lot of knowledge. Your journey to success is what will make you stronger and wiser so, always think that doing is more important than the outcome.

Success Seminar @ Inquirer Academy.

Success Seminar @ Inquirer Academy, Makati on October 7, 2017

Communication Mastery & Leadership Training

Communication Mastery & Leadership Training in Singapore on October 12th – Oct 15th 2017

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Developing Emotional Intelligence @ San Beda Alabang

Rewiring Your Brain To Achieve Success

Rewiring Your Brain To Achieve Success Seminar happened, January 20th

Mastering Sales through NLP

Sales NLP Way – October 19th 2018

The Magic of Instant Connection

Disrupt HR – March 3rd 2018

Achieving Happiness & Success

Freelancers Fair – August 24th 2018

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